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Over 30 years experience helping individuals, families, communities



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   Individual Therapy -- Family Therapy -- Couples Therapy
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   Surviving Trauma -- Life Transitions -- Relationships -- Identity
Divorce/Separation -- Blended Families -- School Problems -- Parenting -- Discipline
Chronic Illness -- Surviving Sexual Abuse -- Physical & Emotional Abuse
Challenges in the Work Place -- Etc.


Consultation -- Workshops -- Seminars

Challenges in social, emotional, academic and/or occupational functioning


Family conflicts

Guilt, powerlessness and/or shame
Emotional abuse
Domestic Violence
Physical abuse
Sexual abuse

Temper tantrums
Difficulty with discipline

Separation Anxiety
Poor concentration
Sleep problems
Developmental disorders
School problems

Low self-esteem
Poor academic performance
Running away from home
Depression Anxiety/agitation
Suicidal thoughts
Mood swings

Chronic illness

Relationship issues
Intimacy challenges
Identity issues

The information contained in this website is not intended as therapeutic advice. One should not act on information contained herein without seeking more specific consultation with Sheri Omens Kelfer, LCSW, BCD or a licensed psychotherapist.

I hope you find the information provided in this website helpful.  Please be aware that everyone's situation is different and that I have presented general ideas and guidelines.  I am happy to answer any brief questions that you may have about yourself, your children, and/or your family.  I can be reached at my California office at (818) 970-4944.
Sincerely, Sheri Omens Kelfer, LCSW, BCD 
(Lic.#: LCS 15221)

If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency or thoughts of harming yourself and/or others, contact 911 immediately.

Images contained in this website, unless otherwise specified, are from the photography of Sheri Kelfer, Clip Art via Microsoft Office, and/or pictures publicly available on the web and do not represent any former or current patients.

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